Introduction for ETMOOC

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am participating in ETMOOC.  One of the first tasks is to post an introduction.  I’ve done intro videos and slide shows before, but this time I thought I’d create a comic strip using Bitstrips for Schools.  I’ve just started using this site with my students, and I figured this would be a great way to get a better feel for it.  So, without any further ado, here is my intro comic (it is in flash and if it doesn’t show up below, here is a link to the PDF).

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  • Claire:
    I enjoyed your cartoon very much, and it sounds like you have a lot of skills to contribute for the course. I don’t need to carve out time for the course (I am on a sabbatical from my sociology teaching position at Eastern Oregon University), but have just begun to use wordpress, twitter, and some other tools, so I’m definitely hoping to have good conversations and plan on a lot of practice.

    • Thank you for the comment Rosemary. Being on sabbatical sounds like a great time to start a course like this! #etmooc will be a great place to get help and connect as you begin blogging, tweeting etc. plus it will give you a reason to use all of those tools :-)
      Best of luck, and I look forward to learning with you!

  • JudyArzt (@JudyArzt)

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve used Bitstrip and a few times, and students in my graduate education courses practice with it to consider how they might implement it their teaching. I like how you added a plot to your “About Me” story. Looking forward to the EMOOC, but also wondering how I will find the time. It takes considerable self discipline, desire, motivation, and commitment to self direct our own learning and networking in this specific MOOC. I’ve enjoyed the variety of responses to this first assignment and seeing the tools others have selected.

    • Thanks Judy! I agree with you about the self discipline required for a course of this type. I am going to try to take the approach that I get out of it what I put into it, and if I need to lay low for a bit, that’s ok. Even though I really want to participate in everything!

  • Love the introduction as a comic!!

  • JudyArzt (@JudyArzt)

    Thanks to your inspiration, I made a quick Bitstrips to share with my Integrating Tech and Literacy students. I use a blog to share resources with them. In the course, we are now working on setting up blogs, which none have done, so you’ll know the context of this one that I did late last night.
    Feel free to write a comment. Once again, thanks for the inspiration. When I need to get a movie done fast I used PhotoStory 3 on a PC or Animoto on the Mac, which won’t download PhotoStory. Yes, using MovieMaker or iMovie is more of a commitment. I learned of the MOOC late Sunday through Twitter, so only managed to set up a new blog for the course and post one blog about me, We have a “snow day” today, so might gather photos for an iMovie, and get it up. Here is my first post on the etmooc blog which will help you get to know me and what I teach and where I live and lived.

  • I love your comic strip, how creative! The boys’ room is quite accurate! I’ll have to add bitstrip to my list of tools that I don’t have time to try out. ;) I inspired you? Will wonders never cease. See you around the etmooc. :)

    • Thanks Jodie! I’m glad you liked the boys’ room; I saw that there was a scene with bunk beds and knew I had to use it. Just added a bit more clutter to make it more true to life :-) And yes, you inspired me. I really really really didn’t want to do a video or slide show. When I saw your intro I realized I was being too narrow in my thinking.

  • Betty Ann

    Oh, Claire, this looks like fun! Thanks for demonstrating it.

  • Anita Toneatto

    Great blog post Claire! Thanks for introducing me to bitstrips – I will be sure to pass it on to others. I am looking forward to all of your posts for ETMOOC!

    • Thanks for commenting Anita! I just stumbled across BitStrips a few months ago, it is a really powerful tool. My students are really enjoying creating their own characters and coming up with stories.

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