Summer Blogging

cat stretching

Leeloo stretch by Les Howard, licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

This past school year has been a busy one.  I started a new position and this involved a lot of stretching and learning on my part.  I am happy that I took on this new role and am looking forward to the new school year.

I started a class blog, TWIG, where I posted weekly updates on what we were working on in class, but I haven’t blogged reflectively here on the year and I figure it’s time.  Inspired by Errin Gregory’s post, Intentional Summer Posting Plans, here is what I’d like to blog about this summer:

  • unpacking the past year
  • thinking ahead to what I’d like to do differently this year
  • working through ideas for the new year
    • projects
    • routines
    • communication with parents, teachers, and schools
  • reflecting on summer reading
Whether I am able to cover all of those topics remains to be seen.  I’ve gotten a first summer post out now though, and that’s a start!

2 comments to Summer Blogging

  • Hi Claire! Yay! Good for you to get a summer post out! I’m glad that I’ve inspired you – when I wrote my post I thought it was the most mundane topic and wondered if anyone would even care to read it. I’m glad that it’s had a positive effect! I’m guessing you have a lot of learning to process from your new position last year and I look forward to reading all about it!

    • Hi Errin. I’m hoping that now I’ve got one post out, the rest will come a lot easier. There is a lot to unpack from this year and I know that reflecting here will improve my practice. Thanks again for the inspiration!