Summer Reading: ‘The Code Book’

The Code Book imageOne thing that I love about school holidays is having the time to read!  The first book I read this summer was ‘The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography’ by Simon Singh.  I chose this book because in the new school year I will be exploring code (cipher) making and breaking with my students.  ’The Code Book’ is a fascinating read!  Simon Singh goes through the history of codes, ciphers, and cryptanalysis with lots of interesting stories about the people involved.  I found the section on the Enigma Machine especially intriguing.  Singh does a wonderful job of explaining fairly complex ideas in an easy to follow way.  The book ends by looking at data encryption.  This may sound like a dry topic, but Singh really makes it understandable and engaging with the stories of the pioneers in this work.  Aside from the content of the book, one thing that I really like is that it has a comprehensive index.  As I read the book I made very brief notes knowing that I could quickly find out more info by going to the index.  If you like non-fiction presented by true storytellers, then this book is definitely worth a look.

Do you enjoy reading?  What are your recommended reads?  Let me know in the comments section!

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  • Hi Claire! Great to see all these posts of yours! The Code Book sounds intriguing! If there is one thing I’d like my own children to learn in the coming years it’s coding! I’ve read many blog posts and articles recently that talk about how important this is as a part of our children’s education. Your students are lucky to learn about this next year?

    I love reading, and will add that title to my (very long!) to-read list! The only books I’ve read this summer are fiction – I still struggle with non-fiction, even two years after my MEd coursework. It’s frustrating, but I guess my brain just needs to be engaged with stories at the moment. One of my favourites so far this summer was Legend by Marie Lu. Youth fiction and fantastic!

    • Hi Errin,
      Thanks for sharing your favourite book from the summer so far. It is interesting that you mention that you prefer fiction right now. For the longest time I pretty much only read fiction when I read for pleasure. More and more though I am finding great non-fiction authors whose storytelling abilities make their non-fiction come alive. Simon Singh (The Code author) definitely fits into that category!

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