Books: ‘The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher’

I’ve been reading a lot and I keep thinking that I should keep track of the books I read in some way.  Since I’ve rather neglected this blog lately, I though I would revive it to act as a place to store my ‘book reports’.  Not sure if this will be of interest to anyone but me, but hey, it’s my blog!

The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories, by Hilary Mantel

Book cover My local public library does a good job of placing new or otherwise interesting fiction and non-fiction on a display near the library entrance.  This is where I picked up The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher and Other Stories by Hilary Mantel.  I hadn’t read any of Mantel’s writing before, but her novels Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies were Man Booker Prize winners, so I thought I would give this a shot.

Many of the stories in this collection were rather bleak with the main characters usually being unfulfilled women leading dreary lives.  The male characters were often unpleasant or merely unremarkable.  Having said that, though, there were some interesting stories.  Much in the stories you were left to guess at and to wonder what the author meant.  Many times, I found myself rereading entire stories to try to puzzle them together.  In one story the very last sentence revealed all and I had to go back to reread the story with this new knowledge.  My favourite stories in the collection were the title story, and The Heart Fails Without Warning.

I wouldn’t recommend reading this book if you’re depressed, but the stories are interesting and make you think.


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