My name is Claire Thompson and I teach in School District 67 in Penticton, BC.  My current position is teacher in the Gifted Program.  My students are in grades K – 8 and participate in a once a week pull in program.  Prior to this position I taught in the school district’s distributed learning (DL) program where my teaching areas were Science (grades 8 – 10), Biology (11 & 12), Earth Science (11), and Math (8 – 11).  The majority of my courses were online and my students, for the most part, learned asynchronously.

I am using this blog as a place to help me clarify my thinking on teaching and learning, and to connect with other educators and those interested in education.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what I have posted; I love getting comments, and I always respond.

*Ideas and opinions expressed in this blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer. 

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  • Rob James

    Hi Claire,

    I am a parent from Saltspring with a crop of four kids, of which the youngest two (ages 13 and 10) have a particular eagerness for math. Geogebra was introduced to me a few months ago by visiting students from Pearson College (Methcosin) and I’m going to use it with my younger kids to supplement their rather impoverished (Math makes sense… but not if you use that approach!) math curriculum. Ive found a few websites, but I’d appreciate any pointers to resources for starting kids with this tool.


    P.S. Our kids are also in FI so I am happy to find French materials for the kids. Sadly I only speak and read English.

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