Storytelling and My Favourite Thing

I was just reading a post by Naryn Searcy and was about to write a long response, then realized what a great opportunity to get back to writing here, on my own much neglected blog!

So, storytelling. On the Through A Different Lens blog, Naryn posted 5 Photo Stories describing a storytelling activity she assigned . . . → Read More: Storytelling and My Favourite Thing

Brainstorming with Padlet

A screenshot of our invention brainstorm on Padlet.

This week with my middle school gifted class (grades six to eight) we did a brainstorming session using Padlet (previously Wall Wisher). We have done some brainstorming sessions already this year, usually set up with small groups brainstorming and with one person as recorder writing the group’s ideas down on paper. There are benefits to . . . → Read More: Brainstorming with Padlet

Intro to Hibernation

After my little hiatus from blogging, it seems apt that I have a post on hibernation

hibernation by Life As Art

The Lesson

I was starting a small unit on hibernation for my mixed grade (4 – 7) science class and came up with a modified ‘concept attainment‘ lesson to introduce . . . → Read More: Intro to Hibernation