EdCamp Okanagan Reflection


Saturday was the culmination of many months of planning by Carolyn Durley, Naryn Searcy, Darcy Mullin and me. EdCamp Okanagan in Kelowna happened on Saturday, and what a ride!

I’m not sure when Carolyn, Darcy and Naryn decided to host an EdCamp, but in the summer Naryn contacted me to see if I would . . . → Read More: EdCamp Okanagan Reflection

Finding My Middle School Mojo

Ok, time to start reflecting on the past school year. I’m going to start with how I found my Middle School Mojo.

This past September I started in a new teaching position as one of two teachers in my district’s Gifted Program. The program is for students in grades 1 – 8 and is a . . . → Read More: Finding My Middle School Mojo

Summer Blogging

Leeloo stretch by Les Howard, licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

This past school year has been a busy one. I started a new position and this involved a lot of stretching and learning on my part. I am happy that I took on this new role and am looking forward to the new school year.

. . . → Read More: Summer Blogging

Creativity: A Short Aside

I haven’t blogged much about my switch this year from teaching gr 8 – 10 in the distributed learning program (online learning) to teaching gr K – 8 in the Gifted Program. I will get to that sometime soon. For now I just wanted to say that this change in teaching assignment has really opened . . . → Read More: Creativity: A Short Aside

Lab Day Reflection

In a previous post I’d mentioned that I was going to try and offer some lab days to my distributed learning students. This post is a reflection on the first lab day which I did today.

The Experiment

I chose an experiment that focussed on Grade 10 Science Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs), but also hit . . . → Read More: Lab Day Reflection

Making Connections


Notes from the presentation

The other night I attended a presentation by Rod Allen from the BC Ministry of Education’s Student Achievement Division. His presentation was called ’Personalized Learning for the 21st Century’. The audience was comprised mostly of teachers, administrators, parents, and school board members. The presentation had the potential to be a . . . → Read More: Making Connections

Reflections on Blogging 101

This is cross-posted at Tech Pro-D Tools.A week ago I facilitated a session called ‘Blogging 101′ for teachers in my school district. The session was aimed at teachers new to blogging. By the end of the session I wanted participants to be able to: search for blogs of interest

subscribe to blogs in a . . . → Read More: Reflections on Blogging 101