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GeoGebra 101.  Join math educators from around the world for 5 days of free online professional development!  GeoGebra 101 is a class for both novice and moderate users of GeoGebra – the free dynamic software for mathematics that can be integrated into any classroom to improve understanding.  In six lessons, we will learn the easy and intuitive GeoGebra interface and how GeoGebra relates algebra, geometry, measurement, functions and tables to further mathematical understanding and logical thinking skills both of ourselves and our students. Each lesson is complete with screencasts and mathcasts, printable step-by-step directions, (hopefully) fun visual quizzes and online assignments. See how GeoGebra and Moodle work together make an excellent learning environment for mathematics.

Linda Stojanovska, a GeoGebra expert, is the course moderator and she has put together a wonderful course.  Check out Linda’s GeoGebra Wiki to see some of her work.

The course is in Moodle and runs from October 14th to 18th with a webinar on Saturday October 15th 10:15am PDT (click here to find out the time where you live).  You do not have to be registered in the course to attend the webinar.  If you haven’t participated in a Moodle Meet before here’s your chance!  Except for the webinar the course is asynchronous.  This means that you can pop in and out of the course at times that suit you best.

The course should offer something for everyone.  If you are a primary teacher, there is a version of GeoGebra called GeoGebraPrim which is a simplified version of GeoGebra for younger students.  If you are an advanced GeoGebra user there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing in the forums.

To register go here.  The course is free, but you will be prompted to set up an account with LearnNowBC.  Both LearnNowBC and CEET are entities funded by the BC Ministry of Education to provide professional development opportunities for educators.

Please pass this information along to other math educators who may be interested.  If you have any questions about the Moodle Meet please leave them in the comments area below or contact me via e-mail at cthompson at summer dot com.

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