Finding My Middle School Mojo

Ok, time to start reflecting on the past school year. I’m going to start with how I found my Middle School Mojo.

This past September I started in a new teaching position as one of two teachers in my district’s Gifted Program. The program is for students in grades 1 – 8 and is a . . . → Read More: Finding My Middle School Mojo

Summer Blogging

Leeloo stretch by Les Howard, licensed CC BY-NC 2.0

This past school year has been a busy one. I started a new position and this involved a lot of stretching and learning on my part. I am happy that I took on this new role and am looking forward to the new school year.

. . . → Read More: Summer Blogging

Making My Learning Visible

Part of the emphasis of the Educational Technology & Media course that I’m taking right now (ETMOOC) is to make your learning visible. Lately I have not been reflecting here on my learning, despite the fact I’ve been learning a lot in my new position this school year. I’m going to have to change that. . . . → Read More: Making My Learning Visible

Lab Day Reflection

In a previous post I’d mentioned that I was going to try and offer some lab days to my distributed learning students. This post is a reflection on the first lab day which I did today.

The Experiment

I chose an experiment that focussed on Grade 10 Science Prescribed Learning Outcomes (PLOs), but also hit . . . → Read More: Lab Day Reflection